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Sandy River

My roommate and I took all three of our dogs out to the giant dog park out in Troutdale, OR. Advertisements

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Urban Exploration

This building, once owned by the Gas and Coke Gas Company was abandoned in 1957 and is a designated Superfund site. There is a security guard onsite at all times. Access to the interior is nearly impossible to come by … Continue reading

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This is the kitchen spider that has been a tenant since February. He curled up in a ball, and left his web in tatters for the last month or so. I thought he was a goner, but apparently he was … Continue reading

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More Hiking…..

I’ve been going out to the Columbia River Gorge to hike on a regular basis recently. The first time I went this year, there were only a few wildflowers, but now there are tons of really interesting wildflowers. I’ve also … Continue reading

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Toronto Bike Messengers, 1990

I regret that I don’t remember who took these photos, or where I got them from. If I figure it out, I’ll post an upsdate.

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