Angel’s Rest Pt. II

I went hiking again today. I couldn’t help myself.

This one wasn’t actually taken on the hike, but Bridal Veil, Oregon has the most adorable post office I’ve ever seen!

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Angel’s Rest

So stoked for long days. Enough time for a 5 mile hike in the Columbia River Gorge after work!

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Around the House

The weather in Portland is starting to really shape up.

Objects may be closer than they appear.

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Lone Fir Cemetary

Last weekend, my friend Sanjaya visited from out of town. He was only here for two days, but we managed to do a sweeping gastronomical tour of Portland. Places we visited included The Bye and Bye, Pix Patisserie, Genie’s Cafe, the food carts at 43rd and SE Belmont, The Pied Cow, and Circa 33. On Saturday night, we also walked through Lone Fir Cemetery.

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Attempts at Catching Supermoon

I hadn’t expected to be able to catch a glimpse of Supermoon last night. It had been sorta cloudy most of the afternoon. I walked into my room around 830 and found it strangely illuminated. I went on the back porch, and there it was. Admittedly, It wasn’t looking ALL that huge, but I think it was supposed to look bigger earlier in the evening.

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So Long, Old Man Winter!

It may be a bit premature to declare victory over winter yet, but today gave me the feeling that the end of this dreadful season is nigh.

The chickens have already laid almost 3 dozen eggs!

Meow is still fond of sitting on the stove. I think it would be great if he stopped doing that because it’s kinda gross (although adorable).

I went and said hello to the bunnies and chickens. They definitely have a spring vibe going on.

This chicken had a glint of murder in her eye.

I must admit that I am rather stoked for all of this.

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New Tunes

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